Modern Filipina Actress and Content Creator from New York City

10 Things to know About Lally Amante

Photo Courtesy of Lally Amante

LALLY AMANTE – Who is a Filipina American Actress, Fashion Model, Vlogger, and Social Media Influencer based in New York City. She is currently under Social Dragon PR management company.

Watch-out for her new projects, vlogs and website launching this month of October.

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10 things to know about Lally Amante

  1. She loves to travel ! With companion or not she will still travel ! This is why her self named TRAVEL VLOG CHANNEL on YOUTUBE was created ! She travelled to many cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Zurich, Geneva, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Milan, and Rome to name a few in Europe. In America, she lives in New York City for five years and travelled to Los Angeles, Malibu, Las Vegas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, to name a few in America. In Asia , she travelled almost in all the cities!
  2. She loves to cook and eat ! So different food, cuisine and go to restaurants are always included in her travel vlog .
  3. She loves everything about fashion and cosmetics! She knows how to sew dresses , bikinis and mask .And that’s also included in her channel on YouTube!
  4. She plays beach volleyball competitively and she loves everything about the beach! 5’8” height is not bad ! 5’9” on good day !
  5. Just for fun! She’s Taurus, stubborn but ruled by planet of love VENUS, that’s why she’s very loyal and caring in a relaxed. She believes in hardworking.
  6. She is single !
  7. She speaks 3 languages fluently! English, Spanish & Tagalog
  8. She hates to clean and organize like dishes, floors, closet etc . This is why she started her MINIMALISM JOURNEY during the Pandemic .
  9. She’s very extrovert and loves to learn , and communicate with people but when she have acting projects she is total INTROVERT and will isolate herself 1 week before the shoot date like on her first major protagonist role in DISPORYA.
  10. She is nocturnal like an owl! She loves silence of the night while listening to her audio books and podcasts!

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