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Our Story: Since 2014, Social Dragon has been taking Public Relations to the Next level. We are passionate about connecting emerging artists, organizations and companies to the right people and turning dreams and visions into reality. We have worked with individuals in fashion, film, television, theater, and music, branding and connecting them to the right people in the industry. What sets us apart from other PR firms is that we sincerely care about the dreams, goals and visions of each individual artist and company we work with. Here at Social Dragon PR’s we live by our slogan “Discover. Connect. Making dreams a reality. One Artist at a time.”

Artists and organizations Social Dragon has worked with include:

Pixels and Metrics – Working with Social Dragon PR on specific projects, they’re a creative boutique conceptualized in Australia and started their operations in the Philippines. They are professional storytellers spreading their clients’ narratives through the power of the internet and print media – providing services such as Social Media Management, Web Design, SEO, and Mobile App Development. Need a different service? Reach out, and they might have it too.

Visit Keith Sutliff IMDb

4th Impact– Finalist on The XFactor UK (2015), Philippines’ Hottest Girl Group, and Rising Superstars according to the Abbie Knights Morning Show at Rhythm 109.5 FM (Top 40 Mainstream Radio in the U.S.)

4th Impact

Julianne Richards– Actress/Dancer/Host from Down Under. Recently seen on Blogtalk Hollywood Episode with Michael Galante and Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Coffey during 2021 New Year’s Episode about How to Recycle in 5 Ways. Advocacy: Helping less fortunate families in the Philippines. Watch her interview on Blogtalk Hollywood

Donita Rose– Actress/Host/Celebrity Chef. Former MTV Asia VJ and she has made over 30 films in the Philippines. Recently seen on Netflix- Seven Sundays. Click here —————>Blogtalk Hollywood Interview

Klubjumpers (Dan Mathews & Sam Michaels) Grammy-Nominated Producer

Klubjumpers– Multi-platinum duo (Dan Mathews & Sam Michaels) producer. Grammy-nominated producer. They’ve worked with many Grammy award-winning performers such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Black Eyed Peas, Mariah Carey, Pussy Cat Dolls, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull to name a few, and were behind the success of Jason Derulo who’s music under Klubjumpers went Platinum four times.  

Image result for John Ablaza

John Ablaza-Fashion Designer. Philippines’ First Eco-Couture Designer.

Image result for Olivia Quido

Miss O (Oliva Quido)- Official Skincare of the 68th Miss Universe. CEO/Founder of O Skin Care and Oskin Med Spa, Los Angeles Ca.

Dene GomezActor/Musician/Model/Athlete. Twitter: (@denenamita). Instagram: (denenamita).

Image result for JaJa Bolivar

JaJa Bolivar-Actor/Model/Producer

Image result for Sophia Bianca
Sophia Bianca– Debut Single “In Love’s Eyes”

Sophia Bianca– International Recording Artist. #SophiaBiancaMusic.

Image result for concon sinel facebook images

Concon SinelEvent Director. Directed 2016 and 2017 Miss Universe Fashon show for the Phillipines. Twitter: @conconsinel. Instagram: (@coffeewithconcon).

Lady D– Former Concert Princess of Japan. Singer/Musician. Model for #JohnAblaza, Nature and Nurture Fashion Show (Toronto, Canada, November 2018). Co-host of #BlogtalkTravel in Tokyo, Japan (October 2017).

Image result for Via Galang

Via Galang-CEO of Versaheel Instagram: (@versaheel). Twitter: (@versaheel).

Image result for Louis Xavier

Louis Xavier-Singer/Musician. Twitter: (@LouisxavierL).

Emily Bolanos (Actress/Model)

Emily Bolanos.-International Award Winning Actress/TV Commercial Model/Philanthropist.

Bow Tie Couture Fashion Show (featuring John Ablaza)- Showcased the John Ablaza Diamond Bow Tie worth 1.3 Million USD. Working in conjunction with the Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao Heart Foundation. Collaboration with 3G’s World.

Mikki SachikoTV & Event Host, Voice Talent & Model

Your baby’s favorite place for cuddles, kisses, and comfort!
Image result for Dr. Tess Mauricio

Dr. Tess Mauricio aka #DrTess (America’s Favorite Dermatologist)– CEO/Founder of MBeauty. http://www.facebook.com/mbeauty. http://www.mbeautyclinic.com.

Forcepoint-Cybersecurity firm: http://www.forcepoint.com. Collaboration with ACW Distribution Philippines.

Read more about Forcepoint
Image result for Glenn Gonzales G-Couture

Glenn Gonzales. Edgy Couture Fashion Designer. Founder/CEO of G-Couture.

Image result for Conrad Hotel-Manila
5 Reasons Why Conrad Manila is One of the Best Hotels in the World

Conrad Hotel-Manilahttps://www.hilton.com.

Spotlight Media Magazine, the Premier Asian-American Lifestyle Source (Spotlight Media Entertainment).

Spotlight Meda Magazine


From Award-winning Director Dexter Macaraeg: “MJ Racadio is passionate, driven and an exeptional artist. Very focused. Prepared and creative. The one to beat in Hollywood blogging.”

From Fashion Designer John Ablaza: “It’s been over 4 years of great collaboration with Social Dragon PR on several of my important projects since 2015. One of which is the memorable John Ablaza Bow Tie Couture Show in Hollywood (November 2015). MJ Racadio delivers!!! He’s good and very effective in his PR work. Looking forward to more years of collaboration with him. More power to you and Social Dragon PR!!!”

Lady D: “He is someone you can rely on and trust. He treated me like part of his family. Social Dragon PR open so many opportunities for me in the Philippines and Canada. I am forever greatful for his guidance and friendship.”

Concon Sinel: “I know MJ to be a proficient PR practitioner, as well as blogger. I had the chance to see him at work at Miss Universe 2016 in Manila, Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok and Miss Universe 2019 in Atlanta. These were three global events which MJ covered as a lifestyle blogger. He knows all the right questions to ask his subjects, he is always prepared and, of course, often impeccably dressed like the astute lifestyle blogger that he is! Here’s looking forward to more collabs with MJ.”

What we do

Social Dragon PR provides: Artist and Event Management; Content provider; Branding and Consulting; Social Media Campaign; Press Releases and Podcasting.

Our Team

Hollywood Podcaster, MJ Racadio
Memo Photography

Founder/CEO MJ Racadio understands the path many walk to reach their dreams and goals is rarely easy. As a recording artist, Hollywood Red Carpet reporter for Eagle News International, creator of the successful Hollywood blog and podcast Blogtalk with MJ Racadio (Interviewed influential people in the entertainment industry including individuals who have won Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Tonys and executive producers of the Golden Globe Awards) with new segment “Blogtalk Hollywood”, he knows firsthand the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams come true. MJ Racadio receive the prestigious 2016 Social Media Reporter of the year award by the Filipino American Press Club of California. The success of realizing his dreams led MJ Racadio to take his talents and expertise to Social Dragon PR. He is now known and respected by many in the industry as a successful PR, event organizer and branding expert. He knows that the difference between making dreams come true comes from having a team working together, to be there along the way to make the path easier with the right PR and connections. Because at Social Dragon PR, everyone sincerely cares and is passionate about helping each actor, singer, musician, model and event realize their unique dreams.

Gregory Roberts (Communication Manager/Negotiator)

Micah Dela Cruz (Marketing Manager/Creative/Social Media Manager)

Viva Galvez (Creative Writer)

MB Racadio (Public Relations/Creative)

Pilar Mateo Veteran Publicist/Entertainment Journalist

Pilar Mateo Veteran Entertainment Journalist. MARIA PILAR CONDALOR MATEO OCTOBER 12, 1959 Single, No kids Presently works as a freelance columnist for major tabloids (Hataw and Pilipino Mirror) and Online (SNI (Showbiz News Intrigues) and Showbiz Republika). Works as publicist to Jomari Yllana, and other projects. Studied at: Esteban Abada Elementary School-grade I 1966-1967 P. Burgos Elementary School-grades II-VI 1967-1972 UST-EHS (Education High School) 1972-1976 UST-ARTLETS (AB-JOURNALISM) 1976-1980. I started working in the business (showbusiness) as a publicist to Ms. Cielito ‘Mahal’ del Mundo right after I graduated from college. Although before that, I worked as a casual for GenTelDir (General telephone Director-Yellow Pages). I went full time with my ‘writing career’ through my mentors Tito Nards (Leonardo Charbet (deceased) of Kislap Publications): Fernando Collera (Modern Romances and true Confessions); Gil Villasana (deceased) and Uncle Mars Ravelo (deceased) of R.A.R. Publications-publishing Teenworld and Bulaklak Magazine then. The next years, my writing career flourished and wrote for other magazine-Jingle Clan Publications, Artista Magazine, Orig, Movieflash and more. I am now celebrating my 40th year as a showbiz/entertainment writer/reporter. I have worked with most of the artists since that time-as their publicist -Ace Vergel (deceased), Rey Valera, Julie Vega (deceased), Maricel Soriano, Jean Garcia, Gardo Versoza, Piolo Pascual, Stella Ruiz, Aiko Melendez, Amanda Page, Rachel and Lani Lobangco, foreign singer Ted Ito, the Library comedy bar, Klownz, Zirkoh, Teri Onor, Leonard Obal, Ara Mina, Kris Aquino, Allan K., the Superstar Nora Aunor and more.

When I became a part of a group called Special People headed by Boy C. de Guia, we handled PR, too for major stars like Phillip Salvador, Christopher de Leon, Rey Malonzo, Marianne dela Riva, Coney Reyes, Helen Vela (Deceased), director Lino Brocka (deceased), Dennis Roldan, Jaclyn Jose, Alma Moreno, Dolphy, and more. Handled projects for major productions like Solar Films, Seiko Films, Regal Films and Viva Films. Produced several shows at the Library Comedy Bar-featuring their home-grown talents like Allan K., Bobby Solis, Phillip Lazaro and more. For almost five decades, this has been my bread and butter. Not a lucrative job as many would say, but this is where I found my calling.

Received various writing awards from the PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) Writing Contest for my columns (HOT COPY Magazine) and articles (TEENWORLD, BULAKLAK and FAME MAGAZINES). Had a talk show with Rod Samson and Jun Lalin in IBC-13 called “Showbiz Talkies”. Appeared in several guestings in “See True”, “Nothing But The Truth”. Also had a segment with Aster Amoyo and Dolly Ann Carvajal for “SHOWBIZ LINGO”. Also worked in production for shows aired in Channel 4-“Starbright” and “Starnews” hosted by Boy de Guia. Held positions as Treasurer and Secretary for PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) and now presently the Secretary of ENPRESS (Entertainment Press Society), Inc. Supports charitable institutions like the White Cross, CHILD HAUS, UNICEF and House of Refuge. All through these years, I may be in a world or in a career where people look at my job as something trashy, scandalous or filled with filth. But in my own little way, I continue to uphold the truth and to serve my readers with the teachings and the creed of a true-blue Journalist. To work my way for the greater glory of God. I have dedicated most of my life in writing. Building images of celebrities. And as I attain spiritual glory in my solitary life-I am aiming to be able to carry God’s mission and calling-to inspire more and not be a slave to the material things this world has offered me in the first place. For my spiritual enlightenment, to uphold the virtues and the values my alma mater has gifted me with-to be ‘totally’ a child of God is to continue serving for His greater glory. Though how arduous being in the entertainment world is, the best way is to keep the faith. And continue living a Godly life. (30)

Most commonly asked questions

1. What does a Public Relations firm do?

The main job of Social Dragon is to work with individual artists, musicians, organizations and events to create a solid identity and brand to stand out above the overly saturated social media.

2. What can a Public Relations firm really do for me that I can’t do by advertising on my own?

  • If you are a musician or group and going on a tour, promoting a show/event, Social Dragon works to drum up attention and media buzz through various media outlets to sell tickets and help make the show/event more successful. 
  • Social Dragon can reach more people by using various media outlets to create positive publicity to enhance an event; a new song or album release; an appearance; an artist’s or bands image and reputation.
  • Social Dragon can expand your business connections through direct networking or sponsoring of events.
  • If you are a singer or band, Social Dragon can help to strategically promote your new release, appearance or tour along with any related news to the general public.
  • Social Dragon creates and distributes press releases to promote artists, bands, new music, organizations and events to create buzz within the industry and the general public.
  • Social Dragon educates anyone trying to break into the industry on how to brand their image or organization.
  • Social Dragon handles writing, blogging and podcasts.
  • Social Dragon is passionate about working with each individual artist or organization in creating  positive publicity to enhance an event, artists image or reputation.

3. What connections can a Public Relations firm offer to a musician or to an event?Social Dragon works with radio stations; various news sites; magazines; blogs; podcasts and music reviewers.

4. What if I’m still new in the industry and not well known yet?  Is it really necessary for me to hire a PR Firm?

Social Dragon can help open certain industry doors to help launch/grow your musical career, or take it from a regional to a national level.This is important especially if you don’t have the time or connections to mount a regional press campaign to promote your music, tour or event.

4. I’ve been told it’s too expensive to hire a Public Relations firm.

While many PR firms can charge a lot of money.Some firms have a “menu” system you can choose on their website with predetermined prices that you select from without ever talking to anyone.We however, at Social Dragon understand that many artists and organizations may have a limited budget to work with.We’ve found that while most artists and organizations realize the value and importance of having a PR firm promote a new song/album, concert or event their main concern is how to be able to afford it, especially if they are on a limited budget We understand.That is why we listen, and we work directly with each individual artists and organization to find a very reasonable and most importantly, affordable option that will fit in your budget.We at Social Dragon care about creating a realistic and affordable way to make your journey or event be the best it can be.That’s what sets us apart from most other Public Relations firms.

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